History of the Language School

Sprachschule zum Ehrstein was founded in 1999. It was named after the historical „Haus zum Ehrstein" at Salzstraße 24, where the school was first located.

After just a few years, the school moved to a much larger building at Erbprinzenstraße 1. The name of the school however, remained. The new location with the legendary flower terrace was home to the language school for almost 20 years.

In 2019, the language school was sold after a change of generations, joining a chain of language schools with a new name. However, due to the effects of the Corona pandemic, the new owners were forced to close the school.

Yet in the summer of 2020, the school was once again able to reopen with the old name "Sprachschule zum Ehrstein", under the umbrella of the Kolping Bildungswerk. We have now settled into our new home with 8 beautiful, bright classrooms at Bertoldstraße 55 in the heart of Freiburg (less than a 5-minute walk from Freiburg's main railway station).

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