German Courses at Ehrstein

Learn German from A1 - C2

Language instruction at Ehrstein is based on the four principles of language learning:
  • Listening comprehension
  • Writing skills
  • Speaking Ability
  • Reading comprehension
The employment of varied and interesting teaching methods promotes easier and more effective learning. All aspects of language are covered: grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and idiomatic expressions. The latest standard textbooks are used in conjunction with texts dealing with the current topics in German life, culture, customs and people.

Regular tests measure the progress of students and give them direct feedback on their work.

Course Types

We offer the following types of courses:

Language Levels

The language levels at Ehrstein correspond to the European Frame of Reference for Languages (GER).
By doing 20 course units (1 unit = 45 minutes) per week, you can usually reach one language level in the period of 10 weeks.

Language Tests
After completion of each level - and previous registration with the language school zum Ehrstein - you can take part in the official telc test at our school and acquire a European Language Certificate (Telc Certificate). Further information can be obtained here.

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