Freiburg im Breisgau

Life in Freiburg and Surroundings

Freiburg is a cosmopolitan city with a young population of about 200,000 people. The international atmosphere is due in part to its proximity to France and Switzerland and especially to its 30,000 students who study at the world-famous Freiburg university and other institutions of higher learning in the city. The medieval city center and Gothic cathedral (Münster) as well as many other attractions, such as the famous “little canals,” draw over three million visitors every year.
A number of local Firms working in the areas of bio- and medical-technology, multimedia and solar energy make this region especially attractive for professionals working in these different fields.

Freiburg offers any number of entertainment and leisure opportunities with its many museums, theaters, cinemas, and music concerts.

In addition, Freiburg offers nature-lovers many interesting destinations for excursions and sports enthusiasts many sports opportunities. Moreover, cities like Strassburg, Basel and Constance close by and easy to reach.

Freiburg places value on an ecologically conscious way of life. Freiburg is called The Green City; bicycles characterize the townscape, and solar panels can be seen on many rooftops.

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