What we value

Germany is an attractive destination for studying, training and work. Our courses pave the way to a German university or into working life in Germany.

With numerous services, we start helping our students with a carefree arrival and a comfortable stay in Freiburg. We support them to help them achieve their short and long term goals. Graduating with a certified language exam is often a crucial step along the way.

However, a language certificate is only a means to an end. The real language challenges usually arise during your studies, vocational training or work. That is why we value an approach to language learning with a long lasting effect on our students. In our experience, the longer path often ends up being quicker.

Active communication is the best way to learn a language. We want to get our language students talking from day one.

At the same time, we are keen to create a relaxed and engaging atmosphere that allows people from many different cultures to come together, have fun and share their enthusiasm for language learning.

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