Leisure Activities and Culture at Ehrstein

Our leisure activities program

In addition to language classes, we offer our students a wide range of leisure activities. Freiburg und its surroundings offer a number of opportunities for activities in the areas of art, culture, sports and nature excursions.

For students interested in culture, there are a number of well-known museums and art galleries as well as opportunities to attend local theater performances and music concerts. We make a special point of recommending cultural events of a regional character.

Sports enthusiasts can enjoy playing soccer, canoeing or rock climbing.

For those who want to discover Freiburg on their own there are numerous possibilities:
Trekking and hiking in the Black Forest and Kaiserstuhl, swimming excursions to local lakes around Freiburg and, in the winter, excursions to the ski and snowboard slopes on the Feldberg and in Switzerland.

Freiburg is also conveniently placed for excursions to France and Switzerland.

Further tips for things you can do on your own in your free-time and suggestions for exciting excursions on weekends can always be obtained at the reception at the school.

In our planning, we are always happy to take your individual suggestions and ideas into consideration.

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