Living in Freiburg and surrounding area

For a successful stay in Freiburg you need a pleasant place to stay. We will gladly take over the assignment of finding an accommodation that suits you.

All accommodations are carefully chosen by us. We have a long-standing trust relationship with many host families and landlords in Freiburg.

All of our accommodations are located in Freiburg or in the immediate surroundings. With public transport (tram, bus) our school can easily be reached within 10 and 30 min.

We mainly offer single rooms (double rooms are available on request). The rooms are individually furnished, but all rooms have good basic furnishings and are supplied with the basic necessities such as hand towels and bed linen. In addition, there is free access to the internet (WLAN) and washing machine use.

In addition to organizing an accommodation our service includes regular inspection of the accommodation and directions on how to get there.

You can choose from the following types of accommodations:

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