German Language Exams

German Language Exams and Certificates

We are test center for telc (The European Language Certificates) and offer German exams for all language levels.
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If you are interested in studying at a German university, we have gathered some information for you:


Below, please find further details about other language exams:


You can take a TestDaF exam in your home country. The test is offered in over 90 countries around the world and takes place six times (in the People's Republic of China three times) a year. You can find all the information you need on the TestDaF Institute's website.

TestDaF has several proficiency levels. With an intermediate level in all partial exams (TDN 4), you will be admitted to the course without restrictions. Whether a lower language level is sufficient for admission in individual parts of the examination depends on the regulations of the respective university.


You can only take the DSH in Germany. Many universities offer this exam. Foreign applicants who have already been admitted to one of these universities can take part. You can inquire about the relevant dates at the international office of your university.

The DSH also has several performance levels. With an intermediate level in all partial exams (DSH-2), you will be admitted to the course without restrictions. If you have reached a lower language level in individual parts of the examination, your admission depends on the regulations at the respective university. The test is a little different at every university. The DAAD advises you to find out more from the host university.


The Goethe-Institut offers exams for all levels, from the easiest level A1 to C2 for the very advanced. There are various certificates, e.g. especially for young people as well as for the job.

Since 2012 the institute has also been offering the Goethe Certificate C2, the "Great German Language Diploma". This allows foreign students to study at German colleges and universities.

Studienkolleg entrance test

The preparatory college prepares you for university studies in a two-semester course. In order to be able to attend it, you usually have to pass a language test at level B2 +, because German is a compulsory subject and the language of instruction in the specialist subjects in all courses.

The entrance test usually takes place 2-3 times a year at the respective preparatory college. Depending on the focus of the desired course, various specialist skills are tested, including German, mathematics and English.

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