Information about Visas

What you need to know

In many countries will you need a language visa in order to attend a course in Germany? Please inquire at the German embassy or a German Consulate what requirements you must fulfill.

Students coming from some foreign countries are required to show proof of a good basic knowledge of German before they can be granted a visa. In addition, in some countries language course fees must be paid in advance. If you are granted a visa for attending a language course (for at least 20- 25 hours a week), you must actually attend the course.

One of the requirements for receiving a student visa is the registration confirmation from the language school. We send out this confirmation document as soon as we receive your registration and payment for the course. If you do not obtain the visa please send us the refusal letter of the responsible embassy or consulate.

The language school zum Ehrstein cannot guarantee that you will receive a visa and we have no influence on the process of granting a visa or the time it will take to receive it.

The addresses of German embassies are

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