University Service

Guidance and Assistance on the way to Studies at a German University

We provide support to students who desire to study in Germany. Our University-Service helps students in the preparation of the application process.

Our university service contains the following services:

  • Advice on choosing your course of studies
  • Advice on choosing your university and place of study
  • Support in making your first contacts at the university
  • Help in the application process (in up to 3 universities)
  • Support in the enrollment formalities
  • Advice on the preparatory year in the Studienkolleg (when necessary)

Prerequisite for our university service is the participation in at least 12 weeks of the Intensive Course in German.

Price for the complete university service
(includes advice before visa obtained)
€ 1,100
Price for application consulting locally € 550
Additional costs see prices for German Course and accommodation.
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