General Terms and Conditions of telc exams at Ehrstein

Terms and Conditions of Participation 2024

  • Legally binding
    Registration for the above examination is legally binding.

  • General terms and conditions/examination regulations of telc GmbH
    The general terms and conditions/examination regulations of telc GmbH apply. The current version of this document is available online on the telc GmbH website at

  • Registration deadline
    The registration deadline is three weeks before the stated examination date. The number of available places is limited.

  • Confirmation of registration and method of payment
    The exam will take place when enough participants are registered. After registering, you will receive a booking confirmation and invoice. Your registration is only binding if the invoice amount is received on time. The prices mentioned apply to at least three registered people per exam level. We reserve the right to charge a surcharge of € 90 if only one participant is registered for an examination level. For two registered participants, the surcharge is € 50 per person. This price increase only applies if the participant was informed about it before the invoice was issued.

  • Exam dates and times
    Please keep the entire exam day free until we have informed you of the exact exam times.

  • Withdrawal
    Withdrawal from the examination must always be made in writing. We charge a processing fee of
    € 60 up to 3 weeks before the exam date. The processing fee is also charged in the event of illness. The full amount will then be retained.

  • Declaration of consent under data protection law
    I hereby give my consent (in the case of minors, the parent or legal guardian) to the use of personal data necessary for the conduct and evaluation of the examination by the institutions involved in the examination process for this purpose.


Participants with specific needs (e.g. due to a physical disability) are kindly asked to contact us. Information on barrier-free examination conditions at


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