Student Residence

Experience student life in Freiburg

The student residence has 6 floors with 14 rooms on each floor. All rooms have a separate bathroom (shower, toilette), but have a shared a kitchen with the other students on the floor. In addition, each floor has a washing machine and a dryer (for a fee). Hand towels and bed linen are provided, and WLAN is available for free. On the ground floor there are two large recreation rooms with, among other things, a billiard table and a TV set. Shopping opportunities and sports facilities are nearby.

The student residence is intended for language students who are 18 and over and who want to live on their own but still would like to live together and have contact to other international language students.

1 week 250 Euro
2 weeks 450 Euro
3 weeks 600 Euro
4 weeks 760 Euro
each additional week 190 Euro
plus room deposit: 200 Euro (to be returned at end of rent contract)
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