HaitiCare e.V.

Help Project for Haiti

This years' fall was completely dedicated to our donation campaign for HaitiCare. The non-profit association helps children and youths for a better future. By numerous bookings of our customers (15 per cent of the course fees this fall were donated to this campaign) Ehrstein Language School was able to donate 8811.29 Euro to HaitiCare.

The language school zum Ehrstein has been committed to the aid organization HaiteCare for many years. Working both in Germany and in Haiti, this organization is dedicated to actively working to improve the living conditions for the poorest children and youth in Haiti.

Natacha Marseille, who is today on the board of directors of this organization, was a student learning German our school only a few years ago. During this time we came to regarded her very highly, and today we are very happy to be able to support her projects.

Natacha was once a sponsored-child (SOS-Patenkind) of the German family of Michael and Barbara Kaasch. From this connection with their “adopted child,” the non-profit organization HaitiCare e.V. was founded, and which today is still run by the family as a non-profit organization.

100% of all the contributions received by the organization go into the projects helping the children and youth in Haiti. Since its foundation in 1992 the organization has been able to build kindergartens, a pre- and elementary school, a secondary school and an orphanage for 15 children. In addition, many older children and young people are being offered a future perspective by a spectrum of vocational training programs. Sewing and computer schools are being founded and system administrators, opticians, teachers, gardeners, among other professions, are being trained. Already within the projects a number of permanent jobs have been established.

The PCs that you see in the pictures belong to the computer school. Students already in the 4th grade are learning to work on computers- beginning with instruction of how to touch-type with the 10 finger system.


The older students are learning how to do internet research and how to use programs like Microsoft Office. Afternoons and evenings, the equipment is available to the employees and adults from the area for their own purposes. Depending on financial situation, new computers will be purchased because of the great demand.

Currently, contributions are also being collected to help improve the quality of instruction. Here, the organization needs, among other things, to purchase new textbooks for classes.

The language school zum Ehrstein is very committed to this project and we would appreciate it if you also supported the activities of this organization.

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