What our students say about us:

Mohammad, Syria:

At Ehrstein, I found what I needed to continue my dentistry studies at a German university. With my existing German knowledge, I was able to join a course already on the following Monday. The overall atmosphere in the school impressed me in particular. The lessons were varied and very intensive. We had many exercises, but also discussions about current events and useful hints on topics relevant for examinations. The friendly relationship between teachers and students is highly motivating.

Maroua, Tunisia:

When I came to Ehrstein, I felt comfortable from the first moment. My relationship to the teachers was very good, and the way they held their lessons, was a strong motivation for me to learn German. Their explanations and our conversations during the lessons were always very helpful and I really learned a lot from them. Additionally, I found many new friends, mainly at the school’s weekly pub evenings and the many other activities in the leisure time program.

Obed, India:

The teachers at Ehrstein are very good at their job. During their courses, they employ many different teaching methods and class activities so that we can practice the language in every possible situation. The mixture of nationalities learning German is very interesting and the atmosphere and people are very friendly here.

Sara, Switzerland:

The lessons at Ehrstein were great. The teachers had very different methods of teaching and therefore, the lesson was very rich in variety. Everything was explained very well and we only went on, when everybody understood. In gerenal, the atmosphere in and around school was very nice. By a language course you get to know many great people.

With my host family I got along very well. Even when I had to learn for my exam, we did many activities, watched TV or played games together.

Johanna, Switzerland:

In my language course at the Ehrstein language school I really made a lot of progress because the groups were small and classes offer a good combination of grammar and interactive exercises. There was an excellent atmosphere in the classes and the teachers were all very friendly. During my internship in a company that was arranged for me by the school I had a lot of practice telephoning, answering emails, and translating for the company homepage. I was really able to improve my German. All in all my stay in Freiburg was a wonderful experience that I will never forget.

Ievgenii, Ukraine:

I really enjoyed being at the Ehrstein language school. I had many good teachers. They were very friendly and knew how to teach. I also met many people and learned a lot about German traditions.

Clément, Switzerland:

I'd like to study pedagogics in Switzerland and therefore need a certificate in German. With my teachers I had a good connection right from the beginning. During the lessons we had a nice atmosphere and learning was much fun. I liked Freiburg a lot. It is a very beautiful city, where you can do many different things.

Celia, Switzerland:

I attended this school because I needed to attain the B2 level in order to become a teacher in Geneva. In Class there weren’t so many people and so we were able to improve our language skills very easily and quickly.

Oksana, Ukraine:

I went here to improve my knowledge of German This school has good teachers and they have a lot of teaching experience. I was happy to be at this school and I found a lot of friends here.

Ibrahim, Turkey:

The most interesting thing for me was to meet all the different course participants from around the world. I met a lot of new people and learned something about their culture and in a short time made a lot of new friendships. The atmosphere at Ehrstein was always very friendly, and after a year-long language course, it became a second home for me.

Pietro, Switzerland:

I was at the language school zum Ehrstein for four months and I learned a lot. After my military service in Switzerland I would like to study chemistry or pharmacy in Zurich and so I wanted to improve my knowledge of German. In addition to the standard course, I also did a special course of individual instruction where I could prepare for my examination. The teacher was able to prepare me for all the special tasks on the exam, and for all the questions and exercises we had more than enough time to prepare. Generally all the classes were well structured and my teachers well prepared.

Beatriz, Spain:

When I started my beginners course the other students were already a week ahead of me. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to catch up to them. Because of the good instruction materials and the help of the teacher I was able to catch-up to the level of the class in 2-3 days. I had a good relationship right away with my teacher and the other students. There was a good atmosphere in the class and learning was a lot of fun.
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