Funding opportunities for course participants

Financial support for your language course

Educational training grants
Have you found a language course at our school which would be useful for your continued professional training, but for which you would need possible financial support?

In this situation the German government is offering an Educational Training Grant to those in need in order to support them in their continued professional training. For a course not exceeding 1,000 Euro, the government is prepared pick up 50% of the cost (i.e. up to 500 Euro).

Requirements: you have to be 25 years of age or older, work a minimum of 15 hours a week or be on maternity/parental leave, and have a yearly income not exceeding 20,000 Euro (for single persons) or 40,000 Euro (when taxed jointly with partner or spouse).

With a pre-check you can determine whether you quality for an Educational Training Grant: Pre-Check

Comprehensive information and assistance along with your Educational Voucher can be obtained at the following advisory centers:

VHS Freiburg (Contact: Mr. Alessandro Greco) Tel: 0761/389533
VHS Emmendingen (Contact: Mrs. Karin Roling) Tel: 07641/922516
VHS Hochschwarzwald (Contact: Mr. Gregor Brill) Tel: 07651/1363
Further information is available at:

Educational Training Grants are funded by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research and European Social Funds of the European Union.


Educational and Activation Voucher

As a special program, the German Employment Office is offering job-seekers individual funding opportunities for job-related language training.
For this purpose our language school  offers the following courses:

Before beginning instruction at our school, we determine your current language level by means of a placement test so that you can find the course best suited to help you to improve the language skills you will need in your profession or when making job applications.

To obtain an educational or activation voucher please contact your advisor at the German Employment Office (Agentur für Arbeit).

Cross-border Job Programmes

Together with the Pôle Emploi in the region Grand Est, the GRETA Centre in Alsace and the GRETA Sud, we are offering German language programmes aimed at assisting French job seekers in Germany.

In the newspaper Badischen Zeitung on March 26th, 2016 an article was published presenting the programme and the cooperation with Ehrstein Language School:
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