Private lessons

Individual German Instruction

Private lessons are certainly the most intensive way to learn German. You and your specific aims stand at the center. Do you want to improve your knowledge of everyday German or are interested in working on language for your profession or business and technical vocabulary needed for your profession?
  • Instruction can be tailored to your individual needs, for example, perfecting your speaking or writing skills. Courses can also focus on comprehension (listening/reading), or concentrate on improving special skills, telephoning, making presentations etc.
  • You determine the number of hours per day, length of course and pace and content of the course.
  • You receive the undivided attention of the teacher: You get the best results in the shortest time!

At the beginning of each individual and flexible group instruction we ask in detail about your needs and goals, and we determine you present level of German. On this basis we can develop with you the best individual and tailored training program for your lessons.

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  for 1 person for 2-5 persons
Units 45 min 60 min 45 min 60 min
1-9 45 Euro 60 Euro 50 Euro 67 Euro
10-19 42 Euro 56 Euro 47 Euro 63 Euro
20+ 40 Euro 54 Euro 45 Euro 60 Euro
Surcharge for technical terminology and exam preparation: 10 %
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