German & Work Experience

Using German in your everyday work

To anyone who wishes to gather working experience in Germany (especially high school graduates and university students) we offer a program: German & Work Experience.

Working and studying can be a successful combination for your personal and professional development. Working in a Freiburg company and living on your own, you have a vibrant and exciting opportunity to explore life in Germany. And you can test and expand your German knowledge in an active way in the work world. You learn about the work environment, working with colleagues, hear some dialect being spoken and learn a lot about the business. An exciting adventure that‘s worth it!

The language school zum Ehrstein arranges unpaid work placement in well-known German Companies in all branches of business. As preparation (minimally 8 weeks) we arrange for you accommodation and make you fit for the start of the job: We help you compose your curriculum vitae, help you with your applications and suggest what companies you should apply to. And during your work placement we are always ready to help you with any questions or problems.

For an internship you should have at least a good (B2) or very good (C1/2) German knowledge. The length of the preparatory language course depends on your level.
Requirement for participation: minimum 18 years old.
  No or minimal prior knowledge minimum 36 weeks standard course
  Basic knowledge (A1-A2) 16-28 weeks standard course
  Middle to good knowledge of German (B1) 8-16 weeks  standard course
  Good prior knowledge (B2) 4-8 weeks standard course
  Very good knowledge of German (C1-C2) 4 weeks standard course
Arrangement for internship and supervision:
490 Euro

The prices for the language course plus accommodation and insurance can be found in the corresponding detail information.

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