European educational programs have a long tradition as forming an integral part of the European Union’s education and vocational training policies. Since 2013 the Erasmus+ Program (2014-2020) has become the most important instrument in the development of projects for general education, vocational training, as well as projects for youth and sports.

Erasmus+ offers great prospects for the development of strategic projects that can bring great long-term benefits to the European Union in the areas of education and vocational training, especially for young professionals and those studying at universities. In the course of the coming year this program will be offering opportunities for  students to obtain cross-border mobility scholarships (K1) which will allow them to participate in vocational training and educational programs in other European countries. In addition, Erasmus+ supports and finances other projects which are aimed at establishing connections between organizations and institutions dedicated to teaching and professional training, and building up networks (K2) among them. At the same time this program encourages exchange and internships among   personnel (K1 staff) responsible for the promotion and expansion of mobility management in schools and companies. These include: teachers, counselors, those responsible for promoting student mobility, HR managers etc.

The SPRACHSCHULEzumEHRSTEIN is a German language school founded in Freiburg in 1999; and since this time has enjoyed continuous growth. Freiburg lies at the foot of the Black Forest, very close to the Swiss border and only one hour away from the European Union’s legislative capitol of Strasbourg.

For several years now we have been participating in European Union programs with the aim of helping young people through our language courses in further education and in offering internships, thereby helping them to acquire the knowledge and competencies required for cross-border working and educational experience.

Qualified personnel from SPRACHSCHULEzumEHRSTEIN have already been working for many years in the Leonardo da Vinci-Program which is aimed at cross-border projects, and we are also presently working together with European organizations in the new ERASMUS+ program, with whom we have already made agreements to participate in regional projects and to arrange cross-border internships for young participants in German companies in the region.

We offer the following services:

  • Making arrangements for the various training phases in project centers based on the German model of dual training
  • Monitoring, evaluation and certification of learning results
  • Organizing language courses and specific language-related counseling of participants
  • Logistical support for staying in a foreign country: accommodations, transportation, etc.

We are presently active in the following areas:

  • Engineering Science
  • Computer Science and New Technologies
  • Environment and alternative energy
  • Sports (especially soccer)
  • hotel industry and tourism.
In addition, we arrange for temporary stays for multiplicators, i.e. the employees of the various educational institutions involved, such as training personnel, planners, counselors etc. We offer an interesting program concentrating on the dual training program based on German standards that make it possible for participants to gain an up-close view of how German companies work.

During the seven year financial framework of this program, we hope, together with you, to initiate a strategy for the training and further education of young people that has a genuine European character. For this reason we offer our services as partners who are able to organize stays for young people in our region as well as to send young Germans and German training instructors to your centers; and also to participate in other activities and projects of mutual interest.

From its strategic location in Freiburg, Germany, SPRACHSCHULEzumEHRSTEIN is committed to do everything it can to promote vocational training and further education in all of Europe

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