German for Physicians

Achieving approbation with professional language courses

Preparation courses for the German "Medical Language Exam"

In order for physicians from EU countries to practice in Germany, they must receive medical approbation by first passing the B2 "General Language Test."  This, in turn, is the prerequisite for taking the special C1 level "Medical Language Exam," (Fachsprachprüfung), which tests the specialist knowledge of German needed for everyday work in a hospital.

On the way toward this goal we will accompany you with the following language course modules:

Medical terminology for physicians (Level C1) ("Fachsprachkurs") 8 weeks
This course with 30 units/week over a period of 8 weeks covers special medical terminology and deals with topics that are relevant for the medical terminology examination and for the later practice of your profession in Germany. The courses are conducted by teachers specially trained for instruction in medical areas and who have many years of teaching experience.

Course contents:
Introduction to the German health care system, human anatomy, medical case history, patient examinations and consultations, medications, writing medical reports and documentation, working in hospital wards. The course also covers difficult grammatical topics in preparation for the medical terminology examination.


  • 14.01. - 08.03.2019
  • 18.02. - 12.04.2019
  • 29.04. - 21.06.2019
  • 16.09. - 08.11.2019
  • 21.10. - 13.12.2019


Course time:
09:00 - 12:15 h and 13:00 - 14:30 h (240 units) daily from Monday - Friday
              Course fees:
€ 2.880 (incl. course material)

Evening Course: German for physicians

For those who only have time in the evening, we offer a specially designed German course for physicians in the evening.

Course content:
Conducting medical conversations, writing medical texts and documentation, difficult grammatical topics


  • 28.01. - 22.03.2019
  • 06.05. - 28.06.2019
  • 07.10. - 29.11.2019
Course times:
18:30-21:00 (Tuesday/Thursday)
course length: 8 weeks (48 units)


Course fees:
590 Euro

Course material included.

General German Course up to the completion of level B2
In our standard course (20 units (1 unit=45 min) /week) you will acquire the necessary language knowledge to complete the B-2 level. Depending on prior knowledge, the course lasts up to 9 months. Before the start of the course each participant will be given a placement test free of charge.

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Exam preparation course incl. telc B2 examination
Our exam preparation course (10 units/week) over a period of 4 weeks, will prepare you for the successful completion of the telc B2 examination taken at the end of the course and which is required for your licence to work as a doctor. You can attend this course in parallel to your general German course if you wish.
(Registration deadline for exam 6 weeks before exam date.)

  • 14.01. - 08.02.2019
  • 18.02. - 15.03.2019
  • 25.03. - 18.04.2019
  • 29.04. - 24.05.2019
  • 03.06. - 28.06.2019
  • 08.07. - 02.08.2019
  • 12.08. - 06.09.2019
  • 16.09. - 11.10.2019
  • 21.10. - 15.11.2019
  • 25.11. - 20.12.2019

Course time:
daily, 16:45 – 18:15h;
Max. 8 participants
     Course fees incl. exam:
630 Euro/4 weeks

Individual Instruction:
You can also book a medical language course in private lessons, and together with your teacher determine your own individual learning goals.
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In-house training is also possible. Individual offers on request.

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